Gay Pride Flag Accused Of “Creating A Hostile Work Environment”

This is an interesting state of affairs, with things reversed on liberals who complain about everything that Offends their delicate sensibilities

(Tampa Bay Times) A pride flag waving outside the Hillsborough County center was meant to be a sign of respect and remembrance for the victims of the shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando.

But just a day after it was raised, Commissioner Stacy White said it may be offending Christian employees and questioned whether it should be taken down.

In an email sent to the the county human relations director Peggy Rowe on Thursday, White said he received an anonymous complaint from a county employee that the presence of the flag was “nearly unbearable” for her to pass on her way to work and created a “hostile work environment.”

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Calling the rainbow flag a “divisive, politically-charged symbol,” White asked Rowe if it could become an HR problem for the county. If it does, then White said he wanted a special meeting of the county commission to consider removing it.

One has to wonder whether the complaint was serious, or simply a response to the liberal ability to whine about everything that they do not like, and use the power of government to get it removed/banned/etc. The only thing missing was the word “hate”, a favorite means of doing away with all those things Leftists do not like.

And Leftists do not like this complaint at all. At Patheos, Hemant Mehta is rather upset

This isn’t an anti-Christian symbol. This isn’t the promotion of any controversial position. This is merely showing solidarity with a group of people who were targeted in an all-out attack. But I guess showing empathy for dead people is too “hostile” for her. (snip)

It’s only divisive if you’re an asshole.

It’s only divisive if you think, as the shooter apparently did, that LGBT people aren’t worthy of love, compassion, and equality.

Interestingly, Leftists simply dismiss out of hand all similar replies when it is Leftists going all Special Snowflake. I do love the tolerance from Leftists when it is other people being offended, in terming them “assholes”. Nor does it get better in the comments. Nor are the comments any better at Raw Story, but, this one amuses me

One phone call, and an anonymous one at that. And this fine upstanding Florida lawmaker gets bent out of shape?
Hostile work environment indeed.

I call bullshit.

Sounds like an excuse to hide is own prejudice.

Perhaps a little self reflection on the way Leftists are constantly doing exactly this would be in order.

But, hey, maybe it is a real complaint. Should a flag like this be flown on government property? What if it had been a bunch of Christians murdered by an Islamist due to their Christian beliefs? Or, members of the military? Would Leftists think it is appropriate to fly a Christian or military flag?

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