Gays Against Sharia March Labeled ‘Islamophobic’, Will Be Protested By LGBT Activists

Gays Against Sharia March Labeled ‘Islamophobic’, Will Be Protested By LGBT Activists

An event organised by Gays Against Sharia to honor the victims of the Orlando gay club shooting, has been labeled “divisive” and “Islamophobic” by LGBT activists, planning to what? You guessed it – counter-protest.

People today really want to feel like they belong to something…

The organizers of the Unite Against Hate march which will hit off in Manchester, say they came up with the event to “honour the victims of hate”, including the 49 people who were killed at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando, Florida, back in 2016 by an Islamic terrorist.

The organized speakers scheduled to address the group include author Shazia Hobbs, a Glaswegian who at the age of 18, was forced to marry a man that was physically abusive and beat her – according to what was right under Sharia law; Mohammed Fiaz, a Christian who converted from Islam; and founder and former leader of the English Defense League, Tommy Robinson.

But LGBT crusaders for attention have reacted with self-righteous hysteria, demanding to be heard and known that the event is nothing more than the misanthropic hijacking of ‘real’ gay rights by the “far right” as a cover for Islamophobia.

Yeah. Because a radical Muslim can murder dozens of unarmed gay men and if you protest the very ideals that foster the murderous intent…Then the LGBT Nazis are going to decree you ‘Islamophobic’. Am I missing something here?

The two groups involved in the counter protest are Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants and Action for Trans Health.

Whatever the outcome is…The combination of both events are bound to be FABULOUS! Yes that was a joke and yes, I’m glad it offended some people.

One organizer named Anna said this:

“We’re protesting because the far-right want to use Orlando and the recent killings in the UK to demonize all Muslims. We are clear that it is genocidal to consider millions of people responsible for the actions of a few violent men. As queers, we know what it’s like for right-wingers to hate us – so we won’t be divided like this.”

Anna is one such deranged LGBT member, who has brainwashed herself into believing that anyone with a different opinion from her liberal ones, is an obvious hater of gays and foreigners. Which is blatantly untrue…It’s your judgmental and grating personality that we find to be, well, douchey.

Enjoy your useless protest.

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