Massachusetts to Jail Pastors That Refuse to Cater to Transsexuals [VIDEO]

Massachusetts to Jail Pastors That Refuse to Cater to Transsexuals [VIDEO]


Churches frequently hold events that are open to the public — but Massachusetts has just introduced a new regulation that might have area parishes thinking twice about doing so in the future. The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination just released a draft of the rules that will begin being implemented on October 1st, that will require churches to placate the LGBT lobby.

From now on, if churches hold any “secular” events that are open to the public, they must use the “correct” gender pronouns and not “challenge” gender identity when it comes to issues like restrooms, housing and employment. The state’s “Gender Identity Guidance” says that any places with public accommodation “may not discriminate against, or restrict a person from services because of that person’s gender identity.”


Alarmingly, any accusations of discrimination will allegedly be handled on a “case by case” basis, meaning that there may not be a uniform judgment. What is to prevent the punishments for so-called discrimination from varying based on who is investigating? The language in the regulation is also worrying, as it isn’t definitive, with lawmakers writing, “Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public.” It could be seen as a place of public accommodation? So how does a church know whether or not they are included?

The law was passed on July 7th and LGBT group Mass Equality said that “the guidelines are clear, fair and protect the safety of all people in Massachusetts. Finally, transgender people have safe and secure access to all public accommodations in the state.” But the guidelines aren’t clear-cut at all. Churches have events open to the public, but the purpose is to evangelize and attract new people to the church. So is it considered a secular event, or a religious one?

So-called violators also could face a variety of potential punishments. They could be given a fine, be forced to pay damages to the “aggrieved” person, or even be put in prison. What determines which action dictates the harshness of the punishment? That’s unclear, too.

So let’s be realistic here: this is nothing but another attempt by liberals to attack religious freedom and force them to bend to LGBT will. It’s completely outrageous and it goes against everything this country was founded upon. There’s no reason that a church should be forced to allow men to use women’s restrooms or refer to transgender people by specific pronouns just to keep anyone from getting their feelings hurt. There’s no reason to force a church to violate their religious beliefs, just because liberals prize political correctness above all else.

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