Urologist’s Career Destroyed After He Privately Suggested Hospital Should Stop Promoting Homosexuality

Urologist’s Career Destroyed After He Privately Suggested Hospital Should Stop Promoting Homosexuality

It isn’t only the tech industry that requires absolute compliance with depraved leftist ideology. Homosexuality is obviously extremely bad for your health. Yet promoting it has become a central pillar of modern liberalism. What would happen to a doctor who pointed out that a hospital should not encourage people to take part in self-destructive activities even if they are politically correct? Boston urologist Paul Church found out:

Dr. Church brought up his concerns internally, to BIDMC [Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center] hospital officials and staff, not publicly.

He cited irrefutable medical evidence that high-risk sexual practices common to the LGBT community lead to (among other things) a higher incidence of HIV/AIDS, STD’s, hepatitis, parasitic infections, anal cancers, and psychiatric disorders. Promoting such behavior, he said, is contrary to the higher mission of the healthcare facility to protect the public welfare and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Although no one disputes the truth of Church’s medical statements, and no one even claims that he discussed these matters with patients or treated any patients differently than others, the hammer came down. Because his observations were regarded as “offensive,” he was expelled from the staff at BIDMC.

No problem. A guy with his skills can just go to another hospital, right? Except that word got out that he is a thought criminal who questions liberal orthodoxy:

Subsequently, he was expelled from two more Boston area hospitals, Brigham & Women’s Faulkner, where also had worked for 28 years, and Beth Israel Deaconess-Needham, where had worked for over six years. Both hospitals admitted that they did not expel Dr. Church because of anything he said or did at those hospitals. He had a perfect performance record. They expelled him because of his original comments made at BIDMC.

After being expelled by the three hospitals, Dr. Church needed a hospital for patient referrals. A fourth hospital, St. Elizabeth’s in Boston, made an offer in 2016 to bring Dr. Church onto their staff, but then abruptly cancelled it. … Dr. Church later found out that hospital officials feared repercussions by the LGBT community for his views expressed at BIDMC. …

In addition to the four hospitals, Dr. Church was asked to leave the staff of Men’s Health Boston, a urology clinic where he had been in practice for more than 10 years.

Merely for saying that a hospital should not deliberately promote unhealthy behavior, Church has had his career crippled. He still sees patients at a private office, but can no longer perform surgery because he has been blacklisted.

Likewise, it has been reported that Google blacklists thought criminals, to ensure that when people like James Damore get fired for questioning leftist dogma, they are not able to find work elsewhere in the field.

Is this really the kind of country we want to live in? If we put up with this level of tyranny, can we even call ourselves Americans anymore?

Like promoting smoking, but much worse.

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