Bathroom Wars: Father Plans Stunt To Allow Son In Women’s Rooms At School

In the guidance letter the Obama administration sent out via the politicized Department of Justice on the gender confused, which threatened to take away federal funding, they said that students must be allowed to use the bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers of their “gender identity”. The letter also forbids any measure which proves that gender identity. As a sidebar, the guidance doesn’t force schools to allow boys who identify as girls to be allowed on girl’s sports teams and such, and visa versa for girls who identify as boys. It’s just bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers. The whole letter violates federal law, but, hey, when has that stopped Team Obama? And one dad wants to make a point

(WTVD) A father in Fayetteville who supports House Bill 2 is planning a protest over the controversial law.

The dad, who asked not to be identified beyond his first name, told ABC11 that he’s petitioning Cumberland County Schools to let his 12-year-old son use the girls’ bathroom at John Griffin Middle School anytime he feels like it.

He did admit that his plan is a publicity stunt to prove his point.

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The stunt is based on that DOJ guidance letter, and

The father came up with the idea after his son asked him if boys can start using the girls’ bathroom. The dad says he and a number of other parents fear for the safety and dignity of their sons and daughters if they share restrooms.

He goes a bit too far in stating that there will be assaults, which I doubt would happen. But, then, kids are cruel. They rarely have the moral filter that adults should have (meaning that a goodly chunk of Democrats are still kids). So far, though, he has not presented a petition to the Cumberland County school system, so it seems more of a “spreading awareness” campaign, designed to highlight just how silly it is to allow boys into the girl’s rooms. I doubt that he will actually submit any petition, he is simply making a point that if his son wants to use the girl’s showers, he should be allowed, if the son says he feels like a girl that day, and no one In Charge can stop him, based on that DOJ letter.

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