Boy Scouts Likely to Start Taking Girl Members

Boy Scouts Likely to Start Taking Girl Members

The Boy Scouts are for boys and should stay that way. The attacks in recent years on both the Boy and Girl Scouts are an attempt to do away with morality and the family unit. Behind it all, you will find communists hard at work as always. Five girls in California are pressuring the Boy Scouts to let them in. Under federal law they don’t have to, but I expect them to cave anyway to political correctness. Listen carefully to the language used by the girls on arguing for admission… it is not the language of children. It is the language of lawyers paid by Marxists. These girls are calling themselves The Unicorns. Symbolic much? It’s the whole rainbow, unicorn, Progressive movement thing once again.

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From Breitbart:

The Boy Scouts are allowed by Federal Title IX law to exclude girls from their ranks. No one knows how long that will last, but the pressure is on.

A group of five girls in northern California are pressuring local leaders to let them join.

The girls tried the Girls Scouts but said it was boring, something that rankled local Girl Scout leaders who insist their members do lots of outdoors work. The girls say gay marriage, boys being allowed to pee in the girl’s bathroom, and gays in the Boy Scouts all point to changing attitudes and policies leaning their way.

The girls organized themselves into a group they call The Unicorns and their uniform bears a striking resemblance to the Boy Scouts’ uniform. In recent months they’ve been allowed to participate in Boy Scout camporees and claim to have come in second in a recent competition.

“We can do the same things boys can do..there’s no really ‘girl things’ or ‘boy things’,” one of the revolutionaries said.

Some parents complained that the girls were given too big a role in competing with the boys and the girls were banned from future competition. Even so, at a Boy Scout meeting a few weeks ago, the girls formally applied for membership. They were told their applications would be forwarded to the national office.

Ring-leader Allie Westover, 13, said, “I’d like to see them standing up like they did for the gay scouts and gay leaders.”

Opening the doors to gay Scouts and gay leaders has brought mixed results for the Boy Scouts. They have gotten a better press than they’ve had in recent years but membership and donations and declining. The Boy Scouts experienced a 7.4 percent drop from 2013 to 2014 from 2.6 million to 2.4 million. The previous year’s decline was 6 percent.

Donations to Scouting has dropped so far so fast that the Salt Lake City Council is having to layoff a portion of their 70-person workforce. The Mormons sponsor 38,000 local Scout units with 427,000 members which totals 18% of total Scout membership. Allowing girls to join might further harm both membership and donations.

They are trying their hardest to erase all gender differentiation. These girls have been banned from Boy Scout competitions, but now are applying for membership. Their parents must be involved in this as well. Shame on them. Because the Boy Scouts have gone ‘gay,’ their membership and donations have plummeted. If they start accepting girls and go genderless, they’ll stop being the Boy Scouts altogether. They’ll have no membership and no community involvement to speak of. The Marxists are winning here and they shouldn’t be. Where are the parents crying out over this? I thought the leadership of the Boy Scouts was supposed to be comprised of moral, strong male leaders. All I see are the actions of a bunch of politically correct wimps. Maybe they can change their name to something more appropriate like the ‘Snappy Dressers.’

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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