Excuse Me Transphobic Ultrasound Technician, How Dare You Give Our Baby A Gender!

Excuse Me Transphobic Ultrasound Technician, How Dare You Give Our Baby A Gender!

You just have to read the latest from Matt Walsh… it’s hysterical, it’s poignant, it’s insane, it’s much better than Cats. It’s a letter from a husband and wife who go in to get an ultrasound and the medical professional tells them they are going to have a boy. Hysteria ensues and they rip the person a new one over determining gender of the child. It is an uber mix of the sad way that millennials actually see things today through the lens of political correctness. Personally, I also think it is hilarious and sad all at the same time.


From TheBlaze:

Dear ultrasound technician,

Recently, I accompanied my partner to the doctor for an ultrasound to check on the progress of our precious little blob of cells. It was supposed to be a happy occasion, but, once again, our joy was preemptively crushed under the weight of blind intolerance.

Things started out OK. My partner sat in the chair and I sat down on the floor, so as not to send the problematic message that I’m above her in any way. I wish I could have undergone the pregnancy and ultrasound myself, as other fathers have done, but because of my own latent and unexamined cis-het prejudices I was unable to conceive. My partner (I don’t say “wife” because the word is far too patriarchal in the year 2016) generously offered to suffer the travails of child-bearing on her own.

Everything seemed to be going fine until it happened. It’s a moment I’ll never forget for as long as I live. A moment that so traumatized and injured me that I haven’t been able to walk or eat for days. A moment they warned me about in gender studies, but a moment I never thought I’d actually encounter in the year 2016. A moment that seemed, in an instant, to transport me back to the Dark Ages.

Suddenly, without warning, you shouted, “Look! It’s a boy!”

We were literally stunned. Our jaws literally dropped. We literally couldn’t even. We both shouted in unison: “Boy? What do you mean boy?”

“There. You can see the penis,” you said calmly. “Look, right there. You’re having a boy! Congratulations!”

Boy? Penis? CONGRATULATIONS? I recoiled in shock. My partner trembled with fury. I fell to the floor in uncontrollable convulsions. She fell on top of me. We rolled around screaming and wailing and weeping and clinging desperately to each other. The emotional anguish was simply too much for either of us to bear. We felt like black people must have felt when they were told to go to the back of the bus. We felt like Roman slaves must have felt when they were eaten by lions in the Coliseum. We felt like all persecuted peoples throughout history must have felt, only worse. We had become victims like them, only more so.

Naturally, it ends with them calling the medical person a hate monger and lawsuits being threatened because they are so very devastated by what was done to them. It shows just how upside down and insane our world has become when you can’t even mention the gender of a baby you are about to have. Walsh depicts the stupidity of current cultural norms brilliantly here. Gone are the days that biology dictated your sex… one that you could predetermine with your own eyes. Now, who knows what sex people are? I watched a commercial yesterday that had what at first I believed was a black woman in it who was coming on to men… the more I looked, the more I believed it was a transgender person. It’s confusing, dispiriting and downright immoral. These Progressives can get stuffed. Mazeltov on the boy by the way… penis and all!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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