Father of “Princess Boy” Says Keep Your “Masculine Bullsh*t”

Father of “Princess Boy” Says Keep Your “Masculine Bullsh*t”

Did this Virginia Dad of “Princess Boy” just create the future Caitlyn Jenner?


Virginia father who works at “abolishing gender stereotypes” continues to receive praise for his Facebook post of his son in a princess costume.

He posted in very certain terms and told potential social media trolls: “Keep your masculine bulls*** and slutty kids costumes.” His son’s favorite characters are princesses and he is going to let his son make his own choices about his Halloween costume.

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It’s OK to let kids make some decisions, but maybe this boy is not aware of how boys are supposed to dress? Doesn’t the Dad think this looks silly? It’s acceptable to say “the boys costumes are over here, let’s see what they have” and then hope that your kid picks up something that’s not somewhat embarrassing.

At the end of the day, this isn’t a big deal if this costume gimmick only spans the length of Halloween. If this carries on into school and the boy wants to wear a dress, well then I think there’s some deeper issues and that will probably be narrowed down to the Dad not weening his kid in the proper direction.

If the Dad is for abolishing gender stereotypes, did he force his kid to wear this and smile, just so he could go viral? I wouldn’t doubt it. The tone of his Facebook post is quite arrogant and amateurish – almost a “look at me, I’m so cool” kinda thing, but really – you’re not. This is like Obama using horrible crimes to promote his gun control agenda. Did this Dad use his kid to promote his anti-gender-stereotypes agenda?

Hopefully one day the boy is quoted saying “I can’t believe my Dad made me wear that” and we’re not finding out that he enjoys riding a ten speed bike with no seat.

Plenty of people dress like women on Halloween, but that’s because they ARE women.

Some things are gender specific and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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