Special Snowflakes Have Hissy Fit Over New Gender Confused Signs At UNC

How important are the Bathrooms Wars? On a list of concerns of Americans, probably pretty low. Much like ‘climate change’. And, yes, illegal immigration. Things like the economy, jobs, and wages tend to rank higher. I’m sure you’re shocked.

Yet, these issues keep cropping up, making it into the news, which tends to avoid exposing just how poor the economy is right now. Also, it’s amusing watching these Special Snowflakes lose their minds

(Heat Street) Student activists at the University of North Carolina are hopping mad over the university’s decision to replace their all-gender-inclusive bathroom signs with more mundane ones that comply with federal guidelines. The new signs, the students complain, are not inclusive enough.

“I think people will look at the new signs and think they look similar because you can still use the bathroom whether you’re male or female in accordance with the new signs. But it blatantly excludes people that don’t conform to gender binaries,” student Regan Buchanan told the Daily Tarheel.

“Our old signs didn’t do that. They were inclusive of all gender identities and expressions,” she said.

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A university spokesman tells the student paper that the signs at the Campus Y, described as a “safe space” for transgender students, were replaced as part of an effort to change the signage on 150 gender-neutral and single-stall bathrooms across the campus. The new signs feature universally recognized stick-figure symbols for males and females and are necessary because of the large number of international visitors to campus, the spokesman said.

This is what they are concerned with. The new signs are supposedly “hurtful.” Be afraid that these people will soon be released on the general population. They’ll soon be able to put their taxpayer subsidized degrees to use doing things like….well, who will actually hire them? They are a threat for problems and lawsuits.

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