A Brief Comment On What’s Wrong With How We Approach Poverty In America

So, I caught a brief snippet of a report on poverty from CNN. A woman was interviewed who hadn’t had a job since 2004 and she was talking about the importance of the Social Safety Net. The woman said the government did get her job opportunities, but they were only minimum wage jobs and those were no good. She did note that she had some sort of back injury or another, but it didn’t seem to be hobbling her while she walked around; so it wasn’t as if it were crippling.

Then her child was asked what he wants to be when he grows up. He said he wants to bring people in Congress down to see how poor people are so they would give them more money. Although the woman didn’t have a job, it was noted that she did some sort of work for a community organization that works to increase the level of government aid.

Maybe it’s just me, but NOBODY should be eligible to suck on the government’s teat for eight years. At a certain point, we just have to say, that’s all we’re giving you and your family will have to sink or swim on your own. That’s how we did it for the majority of our history and quite frankly, everyone was better off. The taxpayers weren’t getting screwed and we weren’t turning the poor into a permanent dependent class whose only goal in life is to get a little more dole from the government.

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