Americans Are Delusional: Do They Really Want An Efficient Government?

So polling shows this:

A May survey of 2,523 participants conducted by Hart Research Associates found that 67 percent of respondents believed a major source of government waste was due to inefficient federal employees receiving generous benefits or high salaries.

So far, so good. But this conclusion made me want to shake my fellow citizen:

While the majority of those polled — 74 percent — believed government could be effective with better management, 23 percent said the government was “bound to be ineffective no matter what.”

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Let’s define “better”:

Better means more efficient and more IRS investigations.

Better means more efficient OSHA and ADA enforcement of ridiculous rules and regulations.

Better means more tickets for speeding and not wearing your seat belt.

A better government makes every citizen a criminal because all rules are efficiently enforced. A better government delivers less services because it disqualifies people because they don’t exactly fit the scope of the bureaucrats rules.

A better, more efficient government means more misery and less humanity.

America needs less government, period.

Americans usually get what they think they want and then bellyache when what they get isn’t what they intended.

This begs the question: What do you mean by government efficiency? How would that look to you?

Also, is there any part of the Federal Government you’d like to eliminate? And what is worth keeping?

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