EPA Demands People Use More Food For Fuel

Hey, can you guess who thinks that using food for fuel is a Bad Idea? The New York Times. Obviously, the ministers at the Central Department Of Environmental Truth feel differently. And, instead of going through the legislative branch, you know, that pesky creation of the Constitution given lawmaking ability, here comes another “rule” from the CDET (via Erika Johnson)

(The Hill) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday raised biofuels targets for 2013 despite an ongoing legal battle with the oil-and-gas industry on the issue.

Refiners will be required to blend 1.28 billion gallons of biodiesel – which EPA includes in its definition of “advanced” biofuels – into traditional transportation fuel in 2013, up from 1 billion gallons this year.

“This action, which meets goals designated by Congress, is another step that strengthens America’s energy security by reducing dependence on foreign oil,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said Friday in a statement.

Ethanol is less powerful, releases just as much if not more greenhouse gases as gasoline, and uses vast amounts of water to produce, not too mention taking large piles of what could become …….. food!!!!!!!…… to produce. Which drives up the cost of food. It also causes deforestation and species eradication around the world as forests and jungles are clear cut and the animals intentionally slaughtered to create farms for materiel used to create biofuels.

But, wait, it gets better!

With prices at the pump worrying Americans, Republicans have railed against the Environmental Protection Agency’s new gas mandate that requires consumers to buy at least four gallons when purchasing from stations with hoses containing 10 percent and 15 percent ethanol-blended fuel.

On Monday, Republicans on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology sent a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Chief Administrator Lisa Jackson criticizing the agency’s approval of the sale of gasoline containing 15 volume percent ethanol.

Specifically, the EPA will require that consumers purchase a minimum of four gallons when buying from a gas station that sells gasoline containing 10 percent ethanol and 15 percent ethanol – also known as “E15″ – out of the same gas pump.

So now we have the CDET mandating how much gas someone must purchase? What if a person doesn’t have a 4 gallon tank?

“What if a rider doesn’t have a motorcycle with a four gallon tank?” Sensenbrenner asked in a statement. “Or if someone wants to fill a canister for their lawnmower or outboard boat engine, but it only holds 2 or 3 gallons? Or what if an American, struggling in this economy, just can’t afford 4 gallons of gas?”

What if one has one of those annoying Vespas or other moped style transportation vehicle? The typical Vespa has a 2.3 gallon tank. I know that here in Raleigh virtually every gas station uses a blend containing up to 10% ethanol. Are the Vespa riders supposed to pump the extra into someone else’s gas tank? This is what happens when the Central Government is given, and takes, too much power, especially considering most of the people making the rules have never worked a day in their lives in the private sector.

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