Federal Employees Spend Hours Per Day Gaping at Pornography

Federal Employees Spend Hours Per Day Gaping at Pornography

Everyone needs to fill their time with something. Those struggling to generate wealth for the government to confiscate spend it working. For those on the receiving end of the wealth, this is more of a challenge. Federal bureaucrats sometimes solve the problem with the help of pornography:

NBC News 4 in Washington, D.C., identified over 100 “egregious” cases during the past five years where federal employees watched porn for hours during the day or required an inspector general investigation into their porn habits at work.

Some people get a little carried away while watching porn…

The report includes the notorious case of an EPA employee in the Office of Air and Radiation who, while earning a $120,000 salary, watched porn between two and six hours every day, masturbated at work, and received bonuses.

This “public servant” was so out of line that he was banned from the building. Nonetheless, he continued receiving his bloated salary for 2 years before he retired; one of those years consisted of paid leave.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R, NC) reports that this behavior is coming to light “across almost every agency.” Suggesting a correlation between porn addiction and extreme moonbattery, many of the most outrageous cases have occurred at the EPA and the (Social) Justice Department.

Before long, porn gets boring. You need to constantly up the dosage with something more transgressive and therefore more titillating.

[A] Justice employee in Dallas, Texas, watched porn between four and six hours every day at work and had “tens of thousands” of pornographic pictures on a work computer, “including some which might have been child pornography.”

Several other cases involved child pornography as well, including an FBI employee in Virginia who had explicit email exchanges with a ninth grader and admitted to “receiving, viewing, and saving approximately 50 images of suspected child pornography.”

People who spend their days generating tax revenues are generally spared these shameful temptations. Even those who have the inclination lack the time.

Admittedly, the life of bureaucrats must be excruciatingly boring.

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