Justice Department Community Relations Service Bureaucrats Live Large at Taxpayer Expense

What does the Justice Department Community Relations Service do when it is not trying to foment politically useful riots in places like Sanford and Ferguson? Live large with your money:

Justice Department employees in the DOJ Community Relations Service have reported gross mismanagement and corruption to Attorney General Loretta Lynch — but she has taken no action to investigate the problems.

The Community Relations Service has been at the center of high-profile, racially charged controversies involving the Justice Department, including the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida.

Multiple DOJ sources report to PJ Media a culture of incompetence and political decision-making by managers in the Justice Department component. The complaints also allege the use of federal money for personal travel, including one Atlanta manager flying to see a dentist in his hometown of Miami, and a Dallas manager flying to New Orleans on tax dollars to dine at Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant in New Orleans.

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch was first notified of the waste, corruption, and mismanagement inside the Community Relations Service in a January 11, 2016, letter from employees obtained by PJ Media. Lynch has taken no action.

The culprits are as safe as Shrillary when it comes to Lynch doing her job.

Among the most shameless of the looters is Thomas Battles:

The director of southeastern states for the DOJ, Battles makes in excess of $133,000 in salary and benefits in the Atlanta office of CRS. But DOJ employees have complained that Battles is using federal dollars for personal travel from his office in Atlanta to Miami, his hometown. The DOJ employees have complained that Battles makes taxpayer-funded travel to Miami approximately 24 times a year to visit his family — and also to attend to personal affairs such as visiting his favorite dentist for teeth cleanings. Regional CRS employees in the Miami office purportedly are not even aware of Battles being in Florida when these taxpayer-funded visits occur.

At the Injustice Department, this waste is no doubt regarded as social justice by other means.

This is the Golden Age for useless bureaucrats like Battles.

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