Natives Get Restless Over Outrageously Lavish Public Sector Salaries

Out of work? Had to take a pay cut? Look at the bright side — at least bureaucrats are still raking in plenty of dough:

Hundreds of residents of one of the poorest municipalities in Los Angeles County shouted in protest last night as tensions rose over a report that the city’s manager earns an annual salary of almost $800,000.

An overflow crowd packed a City Council meeting in Bell, a mostly Hispanic city of 38,000 about 10 miles (16 kilometers) southeast of Los Angeles, to call for the resignation of Mayor Oscar Hernandez and other city officials. Residents left standing outside the chamber banged on the doors and shouted “fuera,” or “get out” in Spanish.

It was the first council meeting since the Los Angeles Times reported July 15 that Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo earns $787,637 — with annual 12 percent raises — and that Bell pays its police chief $457,000… Bell council members earn almost $100,000 for part-time work.

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Bell’s bureaucrats are doing such a great job of living high on the hog while their constituents scuffle and scrape to pay their taxes, they are taking over neighboring towns:

On July 1 Bell took control of many of the city functions of neighboring Maywood, a city whose council members voted to contract out almost all services.

Readers may remember Maywood as a city that fell to Reconquistadors. At one point the town disbanded the traffic division of the police department so that it would stop pestering undocumented Democrats over their characteristic traffic violations. Then, having squandered all the tax money, Maywood disbanded the police department altogether.

If only the corrupt phenomenon of skyrocketing public sector salaries were limited to areas lost to the Reconquista. One third of San Francisco employees make six figures. Under Comrade Obama, federal salaries have exploded. According to data compiled by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average federal bureaucrat makes twice as much as the average taxpayer supporting him. From Mandel on Innovation and Growth, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Adding to the outrage is the fact that unlike private sector workers, government workers tend to destroy wealth rather than create it.

The salary gap will keep growing under taxpayers are bled dry and the parasitical system collapses, or until we rise up and do something about it.

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