Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams On Government Pay

Why are Federal and State workers getting pay raises when the private sector has lost 7 million jobs? Michael Williams, the Texas Railroad Commissioner refused to take a $45,000/year raise and refused wage increases for his state employees. He says, “we should all be in this together.”

Kay Bailey Hutcheson has said that she’d step down to run for Texas Governor leaving the race open for Michael Williams. I think she thought that she’d be a shoe-in, but Rick Perry ran again and has a 10 point lead on her. For what it’s worth, I think Perry is laying the groundwork for a Presidential run in 2012. I think KBH would like to run for President herself after getting some executive experience.

Back to Michael Williams. He’s the real deal. I’m very much hopeful that he’ll get elected to national office. He’s just a great politician and the kind of guy we need in office.

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