The Chamber Of Commerce Challenges Obama On The National Labor Relations Board

It’s no secret that Barack Obama is in Big Labor’s pocket and if anyone had doubts about that, Obama’s decision to bypass Congress and recess appoint three union flunkies to the National Labor Relations Board removed it. Given that the NLRB has shown that they’ll willing to egregiously abuse their power, for example, by refusing to allow Boeing to build a plant in South Carolina because it’s a non-union state — that’s no small matter.

Well, the Chamber of Commerce has had enough of that and they’ve decided to challenge Obama by filing suit

On the legal action, Tom Donohue, president and CEO of the Chamber said:

Appointing three of five members to the NLRB in a legally questionable way casts doubt on the work of the entire agency. We cautioned in January that shoehorning these nominees into office in this controversial way would throw the legal validity of every decision of the Board into question. Our concern has now become a reality. We are simply asking the courts to sort out the question of the NLRB’s authority quickly, so that employers and employees alike can have predictability and certainty.

Donohue also addressed how these appointments have created uncertainty:

Employers and employees need to know what it means when the NLRB orders an employer to bargain with a union, to modify its compensation and benefit plans, or to cease contracting work — to offer just a few examples. Is the order legally rendered, or will it be invalidated in the future? Without this kind of certainty, we cannot foster an environment that will lead to economic growth and job creation.

It’s fantastic to see an organization with the Chamber of Commerce’s money and influence standing up to the Obama administration. Let’s hope the lawsuit they’ve joined is successful.

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