Welfare Rap

A minimally talented rapper who’s way, way too excited about having an Electronic Benefits Card has done a braggy video called “MY EBT” about all the great stuff he can buy with other people’s money.

The video has apparently been out since Apr 23, 2011, but somehow or another Drudge got wind of it.




I’m actually not sure how much of a “hit” the song was since it only has 84,000 views and most of those probably came from the Drudge link.

In any case, here’s “MY EBT” by Mr ebt

Watching someone celebrate being a parasite is just intrinsically disgusting and my initial thought after seeing this video was that I’d enjoy seeing “Mr ebt” get hit by a bus while he was running across the street to buy something else with his EBT card.

PS: As appalling as “Mr ebt” is, really, he’s just internalized the message of the Democratic Party and put it to music. According to the Democrats, the producers are the bad guys who aren’t “paying their fair share” — get as much as you can for free from the government, and don’t feel any shame about it.

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