When The Government Can Sue The Government For More Taxpayer Money….

….we should turn the concern meter up to 11

(Fox News) School districts and their supporters around the US have launched a wave of lawsuits asking courts to order more spending on public education, contending they face new pressures as states cut billions of dollars of funding while adding more rigorous educational standards.

About half of the school districts in Texas have sued the state since the legislature cut more than $5 billion from school budgets last year, citing fiscal pressures.

School-funding suits also are pending in California, Florida and Kansas, among other states. The suits generally claim schools lack the resources to provide the level of education required by state constitutions.

Critics of such lawsuits — and states being sued — say it is the prerogative of legislatures to decide how much states should spend on education.

Perhaps The People should start suing the Government to stop spending so damned much of the money The People work hard to earn.

And perhaps the schools should learn to live within their means. Spending more of the appropriations on the classroom instead of the administrative offices would be a good start. Perhaps the power of the public sector unions should be pared back so that incompetent teachers can be terminated. Perhaps the pay system should be based on merit, rather than seniority. Perhaps tenure could be done away with. Perhaps they should start teaching subjects, instead of sociology, political leanings, and ways to increase feeling good.

There’s the old Benjamin Franklin quote “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” I wonder what he would say about one government entity suing another government entity for more money forcibly taken from private citizens.

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