Who Wins When Moonbats Write the Rules: Alan Rosenfeld

As our liberal rulers drive the economy toward total collapse with their extravagant spending, you have to wonder where all the money goes. It’s not easy to waste trillions of dollars without producing any tangible benefit. Alan Rosenfeld provides an example of how it’s done:

A Queens teacher who collects a $100,000 salary for doing nothing spends time in a Department of Education “rubber room” working on his law practice and managing 12 real-estate properties worth an estimated $7.8 million, The Post found.

Alan Rosenfeld hasn’t set foot in a classroom for nearly a decade since he was accused in 2001 of making lewd comments to junior-high girls and “staring at their butts,” yet the department still pays him handsomely for sitting on his own butt seven hours a day.

In 2001, six eighth-graders at IS 347 in Queens accused Rosenfeld, a typing teacher who filled in for an absent dean, of making comments like “You have a sexy body,” asking one whether she had a boyfriend and making others feel uncomfortable with creepy leers.

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One of Jimmy Carter’s enduring gifts, the Department of Education, deemed the appropriate response to be a week without pay. But rather than put the aggressive pervert back in a position to molest children, the Schools Chancellor consigned him to a rubber room, where unfit teachers cool their heels for years on end while collecting full pay. Rosenfeld cannot be fired because of a union contract. Strengthening such unions is a top priority of the leftists in charge of the federal government.

So Rosenfeld simply collects his $100,049 salary — top scale for teachers — plus full health benefits and the promise of a fat pension, about $82,000 a year if he were to retire today.

But he’s not about to retire just yet.

His pension will grow by $1,700 each year he remains. … He has also accumulated about 435 unused sick days — and will get paid for half of them when he retires. With city teachers trying to negotiate a 4 percent pay hike, Rosenfeld stands to get the raise.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans have been driven out of work by the economic effects of the wasteful deficit spending Rosenberg personifies.

Rosenberg reportedly lords it over his rubber room, where he has seniority over the other 100 teachers who are paid not to teach. According to an insider, he “smells like he hasn’t taken a shower in months.” He spends his time there conducting a lucrative law practice, managing his valuable properties, and denouncing his colleagues as “deadbeats” and “losers.”

Isn’t it nice to know that there are people who actually benefit from our society being run by liberals?

Rosenfeld ogles some adolescent booty.

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