Why Wouldn’t Americans Be Sick Of Government?

Our government is slow, stupid, clumsy and wasteful. It doesn’t do anything well and most things it does exceedingly poorly. Therefore, the bigger government gets, the more lives it’s going to screw up. That’s as predictable as death and taxes and it’s why wise people regard government as a necessary evil. Yes, you do need some government, but the more intimately government is involved in your life and the life of your fellow citizens, the more problems you’ll likely have.

So naturally, when we have an out-of-control government that’s taking over whole industries, spending trillions it doesn’t have, and inserting itself into every nook and cranny of American life, it’s quite natural that there would be a growing resentment of government.

That’s exactly what’s happening.

PRINCETON, NJ — A record-high 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the country is being governed, adding to negativity that has been building over the past 10 years.

Majorities of Democrats (65%) and Republicans (92%) are dissatisfied with the nation’s governance. This perhaps reflects the shared political power arrangement in the nation’s capital, with Democrats controlling the White House and U.S. Senate, and Republicans controlling the House of Representatives. Partisans on both sides can thus find fault with government without necessarily blaming their own party.

The findings are from Gallup’s annual Governance survey, updated Sept. 8-11, 2011. The same poll shows record or near-record criticism of Congress, elected officials, government handling of domestic problems, the scope of government power, and government waste of tax dollars.

You want to make people happier with government? That’s very easy to do. You just provide less government. Shrink the size of government and the cost, tax less, repeal laws, roll back regulations. Get the government out of people’s lives and magically, you’ll find that people will become happier with government.

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