VIDEO: 14 year-old girl dominates competitive shooting

VIDEO: 14 year-old girl dominates competitive shooting

Danyela D’Angelo, 14, is absolutely amazing with a firearm and she’s out-shooting grown men!

The Second Amendment isn’t just for self-defense and hunting deer; sport shooting is also a large part of the gun community. D’Angelo is shaking up the sport by being one of the youngest (if not THE youngest) female shooter to compete.


Rare caught up with the young shooter at the NRA’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits and asked her why she does what she does.

“I just like the excitement of everybody being so surprised that I’m out here and actually shooting,” she said, adding that she shoots a variety of different guns, including pistol, 3Gun, Renegade Plus and octal shotgun. “There’s not many women shooters, and very little of them are Juniors [in the USPSA]. I enjoy everyone being so surprised by that.”

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She always wanted to inspire other young girls who might be thinking of joining competitive shooting at an early age.

“My advice for girls who want to shoot is just do it,” she insisted. “Don’t be afraid of what other people think because you’re a girl and you’re younger. Because I did it, and I don’t regret it at all. And people won’t make fun of you or judge you for it. They’re actually surprised by it, and they’re proud that you did do it.”

As for her future, Danyela is hoping that by taking the sport seriously, she can secure a competitive shooting scholarship and continue on to college to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Watch some videos below:

The idea of a young girl being empowered by competitive shooting and firearms in general has got to be triggering to a certain segment of the American population. I mean, shouldn’t she be excited about abortions and destroying the patriarchy??

I imagine it looks a lot like…

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