56% Say Increasing Concealed Carry Would Make U.S. More Safe

Yet another poll that’s bad for the gun-grabbers

(Gallup) A majority of Americans, 56%, believe that if more Americans carried concealed weapons after passing a criminal background check and training course, the country would be safer.

Personally, I’d like to see an increase in open carry. If a criminal sees someone carrying a handgun, rather than wondering if they have concealed, they’d be less likely to engage in a criminal act against that person. Anyhow, 82% of Republicans say safer, as do 59% of Independents. Of course, only 31% of Democrats say safer, putting them outside of the mainstream yet again on guns. I guess they prefer the high levels of criminal use of guns in their cities, especially when it comes to Blacks killing Blacks.

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We also find that 86% support a “universal background check using a centralized database”. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a background check, and since the term “universal background check” is not explained, of course people will say yes. Then we get this

So, 53% say it wouldn’t really make a difference. We’re still waiting for the recommendations from the gun grabbers on how to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, gang members, people intent on doing harm, etc. Most of their plans are aimed at those who aren’t purchasing firearms for nefarious purposes.

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