California BANS All New Semi-Automatic Handguns

If you’re a liberal who wants to ban guns without officially putting a ban in place, how do you do it?

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You don’t make guns illegal, you just put restrictions in place that make it impossible for anyone to purchase a handgun. That’s exactly what the liberals have now done in California.

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Any new model handgun must have a microstamped serial number somewhere on the gun’s frame and a firing pin that stamps a unique number onto the cartridge before (or as) it ignites the primer. I immediately reached out to Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition to confirm. Confirmed. Brandon has assured me that the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale is being challenged in court as a whole. Meanwhile for those Golden State gun buyers this means…

Californians who surmount the paperwork and scrutiny required to purchase a handgun can still buy any of the handguns on the current Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale. But that’s about it. As of today, all new models which manufacturers want to introduce for sale in California will need to follow the new guidelines. They’ve got to be capable of microstamping.

There’s not a single handgun manufactured in the United States that microstamps a cartridge. Not one. Why should there be? The technology is both expensive and useless (the firing pin can be replaced or sanded down in seconds) and consumers may well balk at the idea. So gun makers looking to introduce new models into California are going to have to design and build handguns that microstamp or…nothing.

Chance are they’ll walk away. Even without this microstamping misegos, gunmakers are dropping California compliant models. The state’s registry of acceptable gats has declined by half since its introduction, from 2400 models to 1279 today. SIG SAUER “lost” 17 models in the month of March alone.

There may come a time when California gun shops may have only a dozen or so new handgun models for sale. Or, perhaps, none.

The Supreme Court has overruled similar scams pulled by gun grabbers in the past and it will probably shoot this one down as well. You can’t get around the 2nd Amendment by charging $1000 each for bullets or by only making non-existent guns legal. But, who knows? Maybe this time the liberal gun grabbers will get away with it. In any case, it will take time for the court system to rule; so until then, if you want to buy a new semi-automatic handgun, I guess you’ll have to move to Texas. If gun owners in California aren’t sure how to get there, they can just follow the flood of business owners fleeing the state.

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