County Board Security Guard Confiscates Man’s Tie Clasp for the DUMBEST Reason on Earth

County Board Security Guard Confiscates Man’s Tie Clasp for the DUMBEST Reason on Earth

In the latest incident of anti-gun manic disorder to erupt in America, a security guard refused a man attempting to attend a court board meeting in Tucson, Ariz. and forced him to remove a machine gun-shaped tie clasp from his necktie for the duration of the meeting. This is the kind of insanity that has been rooted and grown in our society. Where has liberty and basic freedoms gone?


From the Daily Mail:

The incident happened on Tuesday at the threshold of a meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, reports the Arizona Daily Independent.

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The man with the dangerous tie clasp was Mark Spear, a semi-legendary local libertarian who calls himself “the “Man in Black.” He is locally famous as one of the organizers behind a successful 2015 ballot initiative to ban the use of speed cameras in Tucson.

The very small, metal, pewter tie clasp Spear chose to wear on Tuesday night is shaped like a 1921 Thompson submachine gun. It is a little over two inches long.

“If the tie clasp could hold bullets, they would have to be .0045 caliber,” Spear told Tucson talk radio host James T. Harris on Thursday.

“Of course we have to go through the metal detector so I have to take out my keys, my change and metal sunglasses container and put it all into a little plastic bag,” Spear explained.

He also removed the tie clasp, “a thing you put on your tie to fasten to your shirt.”

The security guard at the metal detector then refused to allow Spear to re-attach the Tommy gun tie clasp.

“I usually wear what I call the tattered flag tie,” Spear added. “It is a flag that looks like it has been in combat. Then I have my Thompson tie clasp and one of the reasons is that it is big enough to cover a larger tie. So it is very functional.”

Spear noted that, before Tuesday night, he had experienced no problems wearing the super-tiny, decorative weapon symbol “except at the Tucson City Court, and usually the guys there tell me to put it in my pocket and not show it.”

“It is pretty funny that these guys have to take the ‘no-tolerance’ concept to the point where they almost need to look at it like a micro-molecular theory,” he added.

This is the world we live in, because it’s the world we allowed the progressive left to trail blaze for us. When we stopped fighting for common sense, we lost it. This truly is turning into a brave new world…

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