Dana Loesch New NRA Ad Puts Liberal Panties in a Bunch

Dana Loesch New NRA Ad Puts Liberal Panties in a Bunch

Dana Loesch new NRA ad has the Liberals in an uproar!

dana loesch nra adThe messaging in this video is spot on, and exactly what more Americans should be talking about. Firearms help the most helpless among us. The moms, the single women, the less-mobile, anyone that criminals might consider an easy target.

The only thing that can make a woman as “strong as a man” is a gun. Not a rape whistle, not 911, not urinating herself, a gun. It’s called the great equalizer for a reason.

The fastest way to eliminate a rapist is by shooting them in the genitals. They will think twice next time they try something so terrible, if they’re lucky enough to save what’s left of their parts, of course.

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It’s really sad how stupid a liberal can be. It’s just a gun and responsible gun owners aren’t usually the ones committing crimes. People have a right to bear arms for protection.

What happens when a pack of criminals break into a Liberal’s home, and the Liberal doesn’t have a way to protect themselves?

It’s you or them – so what’s it gonna be, Liberal?

shes right you know

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