Feinstein: No Gun Law Would Have Stopped Las Vegas Shooting [VIDEO]

Feinstein: No Gun Law Would Have Stopped Las Vegas Shooting [VIDEO]

The aged and in office far too long Sen. from California, Dianne Feinstein, finally admitted during a news interview that there is no gun control law that would have stopped the mass shooting that we had in Vegas. Is this the Senator seeing truth and admitting that the left’s game of controlling the 2nd Amendment is the wrong approach?

Or was she just backed up against the wall?

Sen. Feinstein had been given a spot on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” for her views on gun control legislation after the mass killing of country music concert goers in Vegas last weekend.

Host John Dickerson launched a very good question at the center. One that is never asked by the media, generally:

“Could there have been any law passed that would’ve stopped him?”

Feinstein’s answer was surprising, to say the least:

“No, he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions.”

Paddock used a couple stocks for his rifles known as ‘bump fire stocks’. If you YouTube it, you’ll watch exactly what they do and how they operate. But just a brief description: They can make a semi-automatic weapon function closely to an automatic weapon by using the recoil of the rifle. There is no messing with the trigger, no messing with the internal parts at all. It’s a stock – separate form the gun itself.

Sen. Feinstein is looking to command further legislation again. More “common sense” gun laws, as they call them. Remind me if I’m off, but I’m sure the founding document of our nation says “Shall not be INFRINGED,” am I right? I doesn’t say “Shall not be infringed…unless you have common sense gun law, then by all means!”

As you all very well know, the left’s version of common sense ain’t really common sense.

What is especially surprising is that The National Rifle Association (NRA) has fallen in line and agreed that the bump fire stocks “should be subject to additional regulations.” Why? The stock never had any intent. Otherwise, why don’t they throw the stocks into prison and put them on trial? This feels like capitulation to me and a waste of taxpayer money. Not only will this do NOTHING to solve the issue, we are not even discussing the real issue!

THE PEOPLE USING THE GUNS! What are we going to do about the only decisive variable in the equation? Either the 2nd Amendment exists, or it doesn’t. Stop with the infringement.

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