Fort Hood Lesson Learned by Crazed Killer, Not by Those in Charge

Considering that right before it happened the FBI warned of Muslim plans to stage another Fort Hood–style massacre, it is surprising that the killer in the latest bloodbath at the massive Army base apparently has no Islamic background. Nonetheless, the lives lost were the result of the liberal authorities’ willful refusal to learn from experience:

An Iraq War veteran being treated for mental illness opened fire Wednesday on fellow service members at the Fort Hood military base, killing three people and wounding 16 before committing suicide at the same post where more than a dozen people were slain in a 2009 attack, authorities said. …

CBS News identified the gunman as 34-year-old Ivan Lopez. He is from Puerto Rico and joined the island’s National Guard in 1999.

The first Fort Hood shooting occurred when Nidal Malik Hasan, explicitly acting on behalf of Islam, took advantage of the insane policy that makes American troops sitting ducks on their own bases. Lopez, who was crazy enough to be under evaluation for post-traumatic stress syndrome despite evidently never having been in combat, was not so crazy that he couldn’t learn from Hasan’s example.

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In contrast, the moonbats in charge learned nothing.

[Fort Hood senior officer Lt. Gen. Mark A.] Milley stated that carrying concealed weapons on the base was prohibited.

Like many military installations, Fort Hood is a “gun-free zone.” The policy was reportedly first issued in 1992 by former President George H.W. Bush and then reissued in 2011, according to The Blaze.

“Arming DoD personnel with firearms shall be limited and controlled. Qualified personnel shall be armed when required for assigned duties and there is reasonable expectation that DoD installations, property, or personnel lives or DoD assets will be jeopardized if personnel are not armed,” the 2011 directive states.

Thus Army personnel were reduced to hiding under their desks once the shooting started.

Fort Hood isn’t the only place this happens:

In September, a former Navy man opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard, leaving 13 people dead, including the gunman. After that shooting, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the Pentagon to review security at all U.S. defense installations worldwide….

Asked Wednesday about security improvements in the wake of the shootings, Hagel said, “Obviously when we have these kinds of tragedies on our bases, something’s not working.”

If even Hagel can figure it out, it is obvious indeed. But he probably doesn’t understand what it is that doesn’t work, since that would require stepping outside the bubble of liberal ideology that allows fools to believe banning guns makes people safer.

Gun-Free Zone

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