GUN-Ownership SKYROCKETS Across America…New Poll Reveals The REAL Take On Guns [VIDEO]

GUN-Ownership SKYROCKETS Across America…New Poll Reveals The REAL Take On Guns [VIDEO]

No thanks to the slanted left media, but the number of gun-owning households in the United States appears to be on the rise and not declining. You would not have guessed it judging by the doomsday conclusions politicians and media draw.

Open carry gun rally in Austin, Texas.

The Pew Research Center just released Friday that 44% of American households are indeed, packing heat. LEGALLY. That is compared to the 55% that are not. Still the minority, when placed against real world numbers, like over 300 million Americans, that’s a lot of 2nd amendment adherence that refuses to be bullied into a false Utopian society.

The new study points out a drastic change in gun trends in America, as many other polls had revealed ownership was declining in past years.

Public requests for FBI background checks have reached record levels this year, indicating that a demand for firearms ownership is still on the the incline.

The current Pew research, conducted with 2,010 adults, shows broad support across party lines for mandatory private gun and sales at gun shows to submit to background checks. That has never been an issue for the wide majority of gun enthusiasts. Much of the propaganda released by leftist activists continually displays gun owners as irresponsible, when the opposite is true.

To use the left’s language, the ‘vast majority’ of gun owners are trained and have a healthy respect for guns and what they can do.

As a side note of such, 90 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters are for the more rigorous checks, alongside 75% of Donald Trump backers. Yet no one ever stops to consider if any of these laws, both old and new, fall in the definition of ‘infringement’…never mind that that word is directly involved with the right to bear arms in the first place.

For the so-called ‘assault-style’ weapons, 74 percent of Clinton backers favor a ban, compared to 34 percent of Trump supporters. Anyone who understands guns, and especially the semi-automatic rifle, know that this is based off of looks and uneducated fear. To the left, and apparently some Trump supporters, the ‘assault-style’ rifle can kill just by looking at someone!

Everyone is interested in an agenda. No one is interested in the facts.

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