Hats Off to Kim Rhode

Not many people have dominated a sport as totally for as long as Kim Rhode, who is now the first woman ever to win a medal at six straight Olympic games. She also offers an inspiring story of fortitude in the face of adversity:

A brutally difficult pregnancy. A debilitating recovery, one that’s still ongoing. Emergency gall bladder surgery. A five-day hospital stay for mosquito-borne illness. Her husband’s own health issues. Her father’s broken leg. The deaths of six friends.

Bitterness was readily available. All Rhode had to do was let it in.

Perspective prevented that door from swinging open. …

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“You just have to be thankful for what you have and know that there are people out there that have it worse, that are going through tougher times and just look at the positives in it,” said Rhode … “I feel very, very thankful of where I’m at.”

Rhode’s face would be on the cover of every magazine, if not for two things: her politically incorrect sport (she shoots) and her attitude toward one of our most fundamental liberties:

“We should have the right to keep and bear arms, to protect ourselves and our family”, she says.

Ultimately, Rhode believes the fundamental reason for the Second Amendment is equipping citizens to be armed in the face of a possibly tyrannical government.

Rhode, who lives near Los Angeles and whose parents own property near San Bernardino, said new gun laws passed in California in the wake of that attack do more harm than good. “It was put in so we could defend our first amendment, the freedom of speech”.

You can see why the media doesn’t think she is as big a deal as Ibtihaj Muhammad; it’s for the same reason moonbats were appalled instead of proud when Ginny Thrasher won the first gold in Rio.

Kim Rhode

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