Hidden Camera Show: Woman confronts dad buying gun for son, patrons respond BEAUTIFULLY [VIDEO]

Hidden Camera Show: Woman confronts dad buying gun for son, patrons respond BEAUTIFULLY [VIDEO]

Liberals are terrified of guns. And they’re especially terrified of guns around children. So, it was interesting to see how people would react to a woman harassing a man in a gun store buying a gun for his young son. The responses of the patrons might surprise you.


The ABC show “What Would You Do?” is an undercover show that hires actors to see how strangers will react to high-tension situations. In this one, an actor plays a dad buying a gun for his son — also played by an actor — on his seventh birthday. A woman, another actor, confronts the two of them in front of other shoppers.

The woman is angry that the father is buying a gun for a little boy, even though it’s perfectly legal in Texas, where the setup is taking place. The father begins by saying, “Happy Birthday young man!” while the son replies, ”You mean I finally get a gun of my very own?” The father answers, “Yep, you’re old enough now.” The woman quickly jumps in.

“Excuse me, but seriously?! You’re giving a gun as a birthday present to a little kid?” the woman asks. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach him everything he needs to know to be safe,” the father responds. The woman also throws some insults in there, saying things like, “You’re the most irresponsible parent on the planet.” One stranger quickly sets her straight.

“I think that’s the most responsible thing that father can do with his son right now,” the customer said. “That’s to teach his son good firearm use and that’s exactly what he’s doing. I disagree with your point 100%.” He then went and shook the father’s hand. Other customers wished the boy a happy birthday. Another man pointed out to the woman that he learned to shoot when he was only five and teaching children how to shoot is the best way to practice firearm safety.

But what if the gun is larger and more intimidating? The show has the father buying his son guns that range from a .22, to an AK-47. At least one customer wasn’t thrilled about that, remarking, “Probably not be my first choice.”

Do you think it’s okay to give young kids guns?

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