Kansas Passes Law That Nullifies Violations of the 2nd Amendment

Kansas has now passed the strongest pro-gun law in America. The bill nullifies any attempts by the federal government to pass new gun control restrictions on the state. It also specifically forbids federal law enforcement officials from restricting Second Amendment rights in the state.

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In other words, if let’s say a gun registry were put in place, not only would Kansas law enforcement officials refuse to implement the law, they also would not allow members of the federal government to enforce the law in their state.

Intriguingly, Kansas isn’t the only state interested in this sort of legislation. Montana has already passed a bill that is working its way through the court system and not one, not two, but thirty-two other states are working on similar legislation.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has ruled against states being able to nullify federal laws many more than a few times over the years and while it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this could be ruled legal by the SCOTUS, the odds are against it.

Whatever ultimately happens, anything that protects the 2nd Amendment and moves power away from the federal government to the state governments is good for the American people. So, let’s hope this bill survives any legal challenges it faces and inspires even more states to go down the same road.

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