Some Liberal Texas Cities Trying to Ban Guns in Violation of Texas Law

Some Liberal Texas Cities Trying to Ban Guns in Violation of Texas Law

Anytime the words liberals and guns are in the same news article, you know you’ll have to sit down, take it all in, then shake your head in disbelief. That is all available in the news story in which liberal Texans are trying to ban guns by violating Texas laws. Makes perfect sense, right?


From Ammoland:

The city’s position on guns at City Hall has remained consistent.  It is a criminal offense under Texas state law to possess or carry a weapon, including a handgun carried by a person licensed to carry it, on the premises of a government court or offices used by the court.  Because a part of the City of Austin Municipal Court conducts court proceedings in the Austin City Hall building, and the city maintains an office at City Hall for the chief municipal court prosecutor, we believe state law prohibits possessing or carrying a weapon in that building (except by law enforcement personnel).

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I don’t think you can break the law to protect or enact another law. Of course, this is liberal logic, so it won’t make any sense whatsoever.

Frank Lea

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