Man gets tossed bullet and catches it with his gun before shooting weapon

Man gets tossed bullet and catches it with his gun before shooting weapon

If you are ever searching for more life goals to achieve, you can put this one right at the very top of it.

This guy in Maryland landed the coolest trick shot I’ve ever seen with a gun. Check it out!

He stands there, looking like he is unaware of what is going to happen. But he’s playing coy, he knows that what is about to go down in the coolest thing the Internet will see today. Step aside all you child molester pedophiles, stand back Donald Trump’s Twitter account, this video will overtake all of you as the top trending story of the day.

Whilst he stands there looking unaware, his partner in crime, the wingman of all wingmen, tosses him a bullet. The trajectory of the high arcing parabola brings me back to high school physics. That awkward time when I farted loud enough for the entire class to hear during a test washes over me and I cry a little on the inside. But alas, the acceleration of gravity pulls the bullet toward the earth as Sir Isaac himself laid out for all the world to study as the trickster looks on calmly, with his firearm positioned as a receptacle for the bullet.

The videographer, who is the real MVP, immediately throws the video into slow motion, so your monkey brain doesn’t miss a second of what is about to transpire. The elegance of the catch on display, the hero of the video pulls the trigger and rejoices in his triumph. This man knows a good guy with a gun can always stop a bad guy with a gun. This is a man who knows firearm safety, I presume. No one could get to this kind of level without respecting firearms and their awesome power.

That all being said, this is remarkable. I remember myself as a young man once, trying to throw and catch things with friends all the time. We became world class at throwing and catching m & m’s across vast distances. I am talking full basketball courts with myself tossing marshmallows and cashews and all things trail mix related with my friends catching these in their mouths. It was glorious. If I recall correctly, there is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to such things called DudePerfect making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars a year off of ad revenue. What a world we live in.

Do you think you could make this kind of progress with a firearm given enough time and energy spent? Let me know in the comments.

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