Michael Bloomberg Takes Nanny State Authoritarianism on the Road

New York City’s Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg was not chastised when he shot himself in the foot with his Arizona gun show sting operation. Now he’s launched a totalitarian tour:

No one can say that New York City mayor and anti-gun gadfly Michael Bloomberg doesn’t support getting Americans back to work — at least those who don’t operate snow removal equipment in New York City. But those who are concerned about global warming [conspicuously including the moonbatty Bloomberg himself] may take issue with how he’s going about it. During an interview with ABC-TV’s George Stephanopolous this week, Bloomberg announced he has hired a driver to tour the country in a large, fossil-fuel-burning truck, towing a billboard that other Bloomberg jobbers have covered with a poster or paint job claiming that 34 people are murdered with guns each day.

According to the FBI, the real number is 26, not 34 — and that’s counting people who kill in self-defense.

Presumably the billboard will not feature stats on how many innocent lives are saved by criminals not being the only ones with guns. A study for the National Institute of Justice found that 40% of felons have refrained from crimes due to fear of armed civilians.

The overreaching nanny state kakistocracy at its worst.

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On a tip from Muddypaw. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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