Moonbattery Encroaches on Olympic Shooting Sports

Moonbattery Encroaches on Olympic Shooting Sports

We are a step closer to utopia, now that the Olympics has made shooting sports more politically correct:

Moving towards being “more youthful, more urban, and more women” the International Olympic Committee approved a host of changes to the shooting sports for the upcoming Tokyo Games. …

The upside of the plan for the shooting sports: the Tokyo games will see new Trap Mixed Gender Team, 10m Air Rifle Mixed Gender Team, and 10m Air Pistol Mixed Gender Team events.

The downside: to make room, the IOC will remove the current Men’s Double Trap, Men’s 50m Rifle Prone, and Men’s 50m Pistol events. …

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The shooting events cut are some of the longest running in modern Olympic history. readers comment:

Maybe the Olympic committee can have a new spate of sports added in lieu of these shooting sports like, Trigger Warnings, a game where an SJW has to successfully navigate the real world WITHOUT being triggered by microaggressions.

If they want to make it more “youthful” and more “urban” then maybe they should have the 50m Centerfire Drive By, 25m Shooting While in a Speeding Car, and 25 Foot Gangsta Style: slow, timed, and rapid fire.

If it keep[s] going on its present path there will be Team man-Bun Styling and individual Drag Queen competition.

On the bright side, shooting sports have not yet been banned altogether on the grounds that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens make liberals feel uncomfortable.

Shooting on borrowed time.

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