No Guns Required for Austrian Killing Spree

Regarding massacres carried out by maniacs, what would happen if statists were able to impose a totalitarian regime so rigid that guns could be denied not only to law-abiding citizens, but also to those with criminal intent? Here’s what:

A seven-year-old boy is reportedly among the three people killed in Austria by a man who ploughed his car into crowds in the country’s second-largest city and then reportedly started stabbing people.

A witness told the Wiener Zeitung newspaper that dead bodies were left lying face down in the road after the vehicle sped through streets near the historical Herrengasse in Graz.

The killing only stopped when the driver parked his battered car outside a police station.

It might have stopped sooner, had anyone been armed.

More than 30 pedestrians, including three children, were hurt at several locations during the rampage and 10 victims were in hospital with serious injuries.

Tying this to the NRA or talk radio is going to be difficult, so don’t expect the story to get much play in US media.

The driver, identified by police as a 26-year-old Austrian man of Bosnian heritage, has been arrested.

Maybe Austrians should ban cars and knives.

The primary weapon.

On tips from Bodhisattva, DinaRehn, and Don M. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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