Olive Garden Refuses to Serve Cop – The Reason Why Will Make You LIVID

Olive Garden Refuses to Serve Cop – The Reason Why Will Make You LIVID

During recent weeks, a slew of restaurants have been caught refusing to serve cops. The latest dining establishment to make such a move is the Olive Garden.

A cop who was on duty went to the Olive Garden to eat with his family. They were reportedly denied service because of his gun.

The cop posted the following on his Facebook:

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KCTV-5 reported:

While he was waiting, Holsworth said an employee told him they don’t allow guns in the restaurant.

Holsworth said he was in full uniform and told the worker he was on duty, which required him to have a gun. When he said that he could leave, the employee allegedly said, “Yes, please leave.”

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte tweeted that he is “looking into what happened.”

Holsworth issued a statement through the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 99. In it he says, “It is my hope that Olive Garden handles this situation appropriately so no other officer has the same experience I had today.”

Not long after issuing that statement, the president of Olive Garden reached out directly to officer Holsworth to apologize.

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