Roseburg Shooter’s Father Says Guns Are To Blame For His Son’s Killings

We probably ought not give any credence to this man. After all, it was his ineffectual and disinterested parenting which helped create the monster that was Chris Harper Mercer, and we shouldn’t care about his opinions on what his son has done.

But that won’t stop him from spewing forth stupid and self-serving opinions

The father of the man who murdered a professor and eight Christian students at an Oregon community college on Thursday is blaming the guns rather than the gunman for his son’s shooting spree.

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And although Ian Mercer didn’t come right out and say it, he probably believes the ammunition was a co-conspirator in the Umpqua Community College bloodbath.

“That’s what guns are. The killers. It’s as simple as that. It’s black and white,” Mercer said in a Saturday CNN interview.

Actually the truth is even more simple. Mercer’s son, Christopher Harper-Mercer slaughtered nine people before shooting himself to death on a community college campus in Oregon.

But Ian Mercer can’t accept that. And because the gun is the killer, he also casts blame on Congress for not enacting more stringent gun laws.

“They talk about gun laws, they talk about gun control. Every time something like this happens they talk about it and nothing is done,” he told CNN.

“Look all over the world, you don’t see these kind of mass shootings all over the world on a consistent basis like you do in the United States,” he added.

Actually, Mercer’s command of the history of “gun violence” is as weak as the job he did raising his son. Of the 20 deadliest school massacres in world history, only seven have occurred in the United States and the deadliest one, in Bath, Michigan in 1927, was a bombing rather than a shooting.

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