‘Shooter’ in Antioch Used Hatchet. Shot Dead By Gun. Liberals Blame Guns…

‘Shooter’ in Antioch Used Hatchet. Shot Dead By Gun. Liberals Blame Guns…

So…let’s start blaming ALL the guns for the hatchet attack at Antioch. Because, logic, right? Or something like that…


Earlier today, police responded to an active shooter situation at the Carmike 8 theater in Antioch, TN. The incident was first reported at 1:13pm, and the suspect was reported dead at 2:00pm local time.

Police response time was reported as “swift,” but what happened in the 47 minutes in between?

Most likely this, like other theaters, was a “gun-free” zone. But at this point we have more questions than answers, so let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet…

What we do know is that the shooter was killed when he opened fire upon the responding SWAT team and was swiftly shot dead by an officer. The gunman was found inside a theater where “Mad Max: Fury Road” was playing.

Though there have been no initial reports of shooting victims, police have stated that the shooter also had a hatchet which was used to injure at least one theater patron, and pepper spray which was reportedly used on three victims. Two backpacks were also found on site and are being investigated.

Get that now. No one was shot – that we know of – by the suspect. One was injured by a hatchet, and others by pepper spray. A 51 year old white male just used a hatchet and pepper spray on movie goers and liberals… are blaming guns. Not the crazy old man, but guns. All guns. Even your guns, which have likely killed just as many people as the ‘hatcheters’ guns. HINT: zero. But nobody’s talking about banning hatchets…

Another act of gun violence. When will enough be enough?! #Antioch

— Aoife Doherty (@aoifermadness) August 5, 2015

Number of times of a mass shooting at a movie theater in a country not America? Zero. This is not rocket science. #Antioch

— Elle McLean (@beausaunt) August 5, 2015

Is it too soon to discuss gun control? Yeah, I thought so… Smh. #Antioch https://t.co/z1R0b5ZRLV

— Katie Vicsik (@KMVicsik) August 5, 2015

Yes, the left’s gone crazy on the gun control… when the real story here is that a good guy with a gun just stopped a bad guy with a hatchet… and saved lives.

So, just so we are crystal clear, the only people that were hurt were injured by a hatchet and pepper spray. The only person that was SHOT was the perpetrator. Additionally, he was only shot after he opened fire on officers.

Please tell me more about how this is about guns, because I am not following.

Silly liberals. The Second Amendment guarantees my right to bear arms. What part of ‘do not infringe’ did you not understand?

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