It’s Over: Texas Governor Just Handed Moms Demand Action a Devastating Loss

It’s Over: Texas Governor Just Handed Moms Demand Action a Devastating Loss

A thorn in the side of mothers everywhere who actually care about keeping their children safe, as opposed to emotionally-charged fearmongering, Moms Demand Action is the plague that just won’t go away. Fortunately, they’ve just been dealt a major blow in Texas, courtesy of Governor Greg Abbott who refuses to launch an attack on liberty just because some cranky liberal women who know nothing about guns are whining.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott just handed Moms Demand Action yet another defeat. After decrying businesses who dare to allow citizens to carry weapons in their stores in full compliance of the law, Moms Demand Action lost the battle in Texas as Governor Abbott declared this week that he will sign into law a bill that allows for the open carrying of handguns in the Lone Star State.

In his State of the State Address, Abbott boldly laid-out his plan for the strengthening of liberty in his state by saying,

“Let me briefly follow up on a word I mentioned a moment ago – liberty. In a single word, it encapsulates what this country stands for, what Texas symbolizes. I will expand liberty in Texas by signing a law that makes Texas the 45th state to allow Open Carry.”

Gov. Abbott’s stand is sure to upset the “guns cause crime” crowd, but is sure to delight those that have a true understanding of what liberty entails.

If Moms Demand Action wants a gun-free paradise, why don’t they all pack up and move to Chicago? It has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, which you’d think they would love… although, of course, the insanely high homicide rate would probably scare them away. Gee, I wonder what could prevent that.

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