These pistols will cost 1 million dollars each because of this…

These pistols will cost 1 million dollars each because of this…

The next gun you fire could be an “out of this world” experience at the low cost of $1,000,000, but at least you’ll feel a man in black when you with your alien meteorite pistol.

meteorite pistol

Cabot Guns announced that its “extra-terrestrial pistols” will be forged from a meteorite as old as the Earth itself, and could sell for as much as $1 million at auction next year.

So much for researching meteorites for science and sucking every ounce of knowledge out of that rock. Instead, let’s build unobtainable pistols and blast the cheese moon. Then paint ourselves blue and film the third Avatar movie starring The Rock. He sweats so much that it causes a Great Flood and Noah builds another ark, rounds up animals and people, but he leaves the Muslims off so we can protect the goats and stop the clueless suicide bombers from exploding the boat.

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Wild tangent gone too far? It happens sometimes.

Back on track, I think Cabot planned this for a media run for easy press for holiday sales. I predict they’ll wimp out later when they realize there’s only a few buyers interested in a $1,000,000 pistol. I think they’d rather have a Gatling gun that’s mountable on any vehicle and rapid fires glitter at transsexuals or Kardashian fans.

Maybe Ted Nugent will hunt the first deer with the meteorite pistol. I envision him posting it on Facebook like he usually does.

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