Trump: Hillary Should Give Up Her Armed Security

Over at the NY Times, we find that anti-gun Hillary Clinton is still all for limiting the rights of law abiding citizens to be armed in public. She apparently doesn’t believe that a good guy with a gun is safe.

“I love my daughter and granddaughter more than anything, and I worry about them as every mother does, and I want them always to be safe,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Parents, teachers and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms, just like Donald Trump does at many of his hotels by the way.”

She’s all about the gun control, and, hey, since she is concerned about gun violence around her daughter and granddaughter, she should listen to The Donald

Donald Trump calls out Clinton over armed Secret Service protection

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A day after Donald Trump told people at the National Rifle Association that Hillary Clinton would strip away their right to bear arms, the Republican seemed to suggest on social media that his opponent, who he thinks totes a hard line on gun control, should disarm her Secret Service team.

Hillary was having none of that, so, she provided a nice deflection tweet

The 33,000 figure is a lie (and also fails to note how many of them occur in Democratic Party run cities and states), but, really, she fails to address the fundamental question: if guns in the hands of good guys are dangerous, if arming teachers and school employees is dangerous, why is it OK that she and her family are surrounded by people carrying guns?

(Newsmax) Trump has consistently categorized Clinton as “the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate to ever run for office.” And at the gun group’s annual convention on Friday, Trump called for the Democratic candidate’s secret service protection to disarm.

“Let’s see how they feel walking around without their guns and their bodyguards,” he said.

Let’s not forget that Hillary has said that looking at the Australian solution, ie, mass revocation of gun ownership rights, force confiscation, is “worth looking at.” But she won’t give up her own armed security, much like so many Leftists who call for massive gun control. Perfect Someone Else syndrome.

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