With Trump Win, States Push More 2nd Amendment Rights

With Trump Win, States Push More 2nd Amendment Rights


In reality, this is nothing new. As state governments across the country saw more and more Republicans assuming control, much like we saw the devastation in the federal Congress of the Democratic party during the Obama years, they looked to enable citizens to uphold their 2nd Amendment rights

(The Hill) President Donald Trump’s election has encouraged gun rights advocates to mount a new legislative push in states across the country.

Legislators in more than a dozen states have introduced bills to allow residents to carry guns in the open, roll back licensing requirements for concealed weapons and limit the number of facilities where guns are prohibited. Measures in several states would allow those with licenses to carry firearms in schools, airports and churches.

Those backing more expansive gun rights largely embrace Trump’s claims — many of which are disputed by federal and local law enforcement statistics — that crime is on the rise and cities are plagued by a wave of what the president called in his inaugural address “American carnage.”

Some of these ideas are good, some not so good. I see nothing wrong, theoretically, with requiring a license to purchase a firearm, nor a requirement for training to carry concealed. If one wants to carry on campus, training would be great. It breaks down when you realize that Democrats will eventually recover and win some elections, and then put a big monkey wrench in the works, causing problems for people attempting to obtain licenses and training and carrying.

Of course, in those few Democrat run states left, they’re looking for even more restrictions on 2nd Amendment Rights, which almost solely affect law abiding citizens, not the criminals who may use a firearm. Remember, though, Democrats say they’re for gun rights all the time!

The future of the war over gun rights may lie in a third bill introduced by Lucas, the Indiana Republican. That bill would grant a tax credit to Hoosiers who complete gun safety courses, or who buy security devices like a gun safe.

Lucas said he wants to encourage people to take gun safety courses, though “never in my lifetime” would he advocate a government mandate that they do.

“Money talks, and instead of paying people to [take gun safety classes], let them keep their own money and direct it towards firearm safety training courses,” Lucas said.

An interesting proposal. One can see the good and bad in it. The good, that people obtain training in the proper use, the bad that Democrats would now have all the information on law abiding gun owners they need to become problems. I am all for training. You do it to drive a car, you do it for you job, you do it if you’re into martial arts, etc. Sure, none are Constitutional Rights, but, wouldn’t you think a bit of training would be a good thing on a firearm, if only to make sure you know how to use it and what the laws are?

Meanwhile, we get a little bit of apoplectic fake news

The House on Thursday struck down an Obama-era regulation that could block some recipients of disability benefits from buying guns.

The House voted 235-180 to roll back a rule that required the Social Security Administration to report people who receive disability benefits and have a mental health condition to the FBI’s background check system. The database is used to determine eligibility for buying a firearm.

Critics said the rule stripped Second Amendment rights from people who are not dangerously mentally ill, such as those who have eating disorders or mental disorders that prevent them from managing their own finances.

The National Rifle Association opposed the rule. While the group says it supports keeping guns away from the mentally ill, it said the determination about who is mentally ill should be left to the courts.

That rule was in place for a few weeks, and was never passed, or even submitted, to the duly elected legislative branch. This has obviously sent many liberals off the deep end. The best being Hullabaloo, with the catchy headline Making the country safe for white supremacy. You stay classy. Oh, and remember, as you guys were fond of saying during the Obama years, you lost.

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