What Are The Top 9mm Handguns In The World?

We know this is a burning question for our readers, and so we went to the experts to provide you with the answer.

And it turns out, American Military News has already done the dirty work for us

This one is for our gun enthusiasts. With the end of the year near, and the government hovering around our necks waiting to take our guns away, we want to focus your attention toward something a lot more fun: deciding which of the following top 10 9mm weapons in the world this year are the best!

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With so many choices, there is a lot to consider when choosing a top-10. Portability, accuracy, easy-handling, conceivability, and so many other factors – it’s a tough job to compile a top list. Nonetheless, let’s try.

And they presented the list in a video, which is always nice…

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