What Is the NRA Up To?

Authoritarians don’t have the demographic leverage yet to repeal the Second Amendment outright, so for now they take a “death by a thousand cuts” approach to disarming us. One of many tactics is to deny the right to bear arms to anyone accused of domestic abuse, which requires no more than the word of an embittered spouse, and allows liberals to use their moronic but weirdly effective “War on Women” rhetoric against anyone who puts up resistance. Bluegrass Bruce reports:

Last week, the Governor of Vermont signed a law allowing police to confiscate guns from anyone under a judicial order for domestic abuse. This means that men and women accused of domestic crimes in Vermont could lose their Second Amendment rights before ever seeing a jury.

Similar laws have passed this year in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Louisiana. In each of these states, local gun groups protested the laws arguing that they not only violate the Second Amendment but also of contradict the basic concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Of course they protest. Firearms are rarely used in domestic violence situations. This about disarmament, not domestic violence.

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But one gun group has taken the side of the statists: the NRA.

Over the past year, the NRA has been quietly helping legislators pass this kind of domestic violence legislation, either by promising not to oppose the bills or by actively working with the bills’ liberal sponsors. After the Minnesota bill passed, Minnesota Democratic State Rep. Dan Schoen said: “The NRA has been really good to work with on this particular issue. It pains me to say, but they have been.”

It is not entirely clear why the NRA is doing this. Until recently, it strongly opposed this kind of legislation and was successful in preventing the passage of these laws. Perhaps its change of heart has something to do with its recent outreach to women, or maybe it is another one of its lame efforts to appear “bipartisan”.

It could be that the defeatist RINOism that has left the Republican Party in ruins is an infectious disease. Fellow NRA members are advised to keep an eye on what our membership dues are financing.

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