What’s The LGBT Case For Owning A Gun?

Since the terrorist attack at Pulse nighclub in Orlando, many in the LGBT community are starting to realize that carrying a firearm for protection is a Good Idea, and joining the community of those who own firearms. Many are sick and tired of their Democratic Party brethren attempting to disarm people who need protection. Shockingly, the NY Times allows Nicki Stallard to make the LGBT Case For Guns

I’LL never forget the first piece of safety advice I got when I began my transition from the male body in which I was born to the female body I now occupy: Carry a whistle. If I was attacked, I was supposed to blow it in hopes it would alert some do-gooder to dash into a dark alley to break up a brutal hate crime.

The idea was not only preposterous, it was also insulting. The implication was that I, being transgender, wouldn’t be able to save myself. But I didn’t need a whistle; I had a gun.

Since the attack in Orlando, Fla., many L.G.B.T. groups have been calling loudly for laws restricting gun ownership. But if anyone should be concerned about protecting the individual right to bear arms, it’s L.G.B.T. people. We need to stop preaching nonviolence and voting for politicians who don’t protect us.

To be clear, Stallard is the spokesperson for the Pink Pistols, a group of LGBT gun enthusiasts, and he/she makes the case crystal clear for, really, not just any in that community to own, and carry, a gun, but everyone else.

I’m not the only one who thinks the L.G.B.T. movement is making a mistake by lining up behind gun control measures. In the days since Orlando, Facebook membership in my pro-gun L.G.B.T. group, Pink Pistols, has quadrupled, from around 1,500 to more than 6,500, and new chapters are starting across the country. Gun stores are reporting a spike in sales to L.G.B.T. buyers, and gun trainers are reaching out, offering free training or discounts.

Stallard goes on to briefly relate a story about a Tony G. Palmer, who once flashed a gun at some people who were seriously threatening him because he was gay, and they retreated. Sometimes, just showing a gun will deescalate the potential for assault. I had a buddy flash his concealed carry weapon in a liquor store to a guy who looked like he was about to rob it. Ended it right there. And there are numerous stories of people using their weapons to stop Bad People. This ain’t Hell… features them all the time.

This is a call to L.G.B.T. people to take their own defense seriously, and to question the left-leaning institutions that tell them guns are bad, and should be left to the professionals. Become a professional. You’re allowed. That’s what the Second Amendment is for. We can fight back when our lives depend on it.

This is good advice for everyone. But, Democrats don’t want this to happen, they want to disarm some of their favorite groups, women and LGBT. Unsurprisingly, many of those leaving comments at the article are unhappy with the notion

I want Wayne LaPierre to demonstrate his hypothesis, “a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun.” I want to give him a holstered hand gun and sit him down in a room. Then let someone with an automatic weapon burst through the door with no warning and see if he can successfully defend himself. This would have to be with live bullets to make it a true test. I am guessing Mr. LaPierre would soil his pants in the three seconds before getting shot by the assailant.

Once again, we have an unhinged Leftist, unable to understand that it is illegal to purchase an automatic weapon.

Sad when people cave in to fear tactics and think that the only way to be safe is to carry a gun. The NRA wins again.

The most dangerous places are those with massive gun control, which also happen to be places run by Democrats.

Here I am again, the kid from Wyoming saying you don’t need a gun to protect yourself. Try a small container of pepper spray found in the auto store. A knee in the groin works too or how about kneecapping the assailant? BE imagitive and will to carry through. Most killers assume the victim is going to be docile; don’t let them get the first blow nor warn them. Just strike like Thunderball!

Might as well have a rape whistle. Liberals love a disarmed population, and think some beatdowns, rapes, and murders are worth the cost.

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