Woman HORRIFIED By What She Finds Under A Rental Car Seat! [VIDEO]

Woman HORRIFIED By What She Finds Under A Rental Car Seat! [VIDEO]

Someone out there has my sunglasses. I left them in the moving truck when I moved from Las Vegas. I have found other things in moving trucks that I have rented. One woman, however, found something, too: a revolver. Now, she’s speaking out about the less-than-ideal stowaway.


From Fox4KC:

An Independence woman found a gun underneath her seat when she went to turn in her rental truck Tuesday. As surprised as she was to find the gun when she went to return the car, she says she was even more shocked the rental company said they knew about the gun, but never told her.

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Tammy Parsons rented a Ford F-150 from Budget on Noland Road Saturday for her trip to Branson. The truck was due back Tuesday morning.

“We were sweeping out the floor board and Darlene said you need to come and look at this,” Parsons said.

She walked around to the driver’s side and couldn’t believe what she saw.

“She showed me underneath the seat and it was a revolver and it was in a little holster and my mouth just dropped,” Parsons said.

She drove straight to the rental office thinking she’d have to convince them the gun wasn’t hers, and she had no idea how it got there.

“I said ‘I’ve got a vehicle to return that I’m a little uneasy about some things’ and she goes ‘Oh yeah there’s a gun in it the owner had called,'” Parsons described in disbelief.

Budget General Manager Joe Collins explained the gun’s owner called just minutes before she was set to return the truck, and that’s why Parsons was never notified. He said the gun was missed in inspections before it was rented and the company felt terrible about it.

“It was right where the seat goes forward and backwards, now 10,000 things go through your mind what if it had gone off? What if we had got hurt?” Parsons wondered.

Her list of what ifs also included what if she had been pulled over and police had found the gun, or even worse if children did.

Parsons is now urging gun owners to be mindful of where they leave their weapons, and car renters to be on the lookout.

“I feel thankful that it didn’t happen, however, I think that people should be aware that when you are renting a vehicle there may be super surprises,” she said.

Collins said company protocol is for staff to call the police when a gun is found so they can sort out if it should go back to the rightful owner. However, in this case that didn’t happen, and that gun was turned over to the man who rented the car previously.

The woman who found the gun filed a police report after leaving the business Tuesday. Independence police couldn’t be reached for comment on how they’ll handle the investigation.

This is certainly far from ideal and the rental company should be willing to make amends for their obvious negligence.

But let’s all get a grip here…

People have a right to know if they’re traveling with a firearm and this was an obvious mistake that demands apologies and the company making an effort to make it right.

But there is this misguided notion that guns just “go off” all the time. They’re little ticking timebombs that will explode if the truck hits a pothole.

Again, this situation is far from ideal and is very serious, but let’s not pretend that what was left under her seat was a live grenade or a pressure-sensitive landmine.

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