54 Australian Men ‘Gave Birth’ to Children Last Year

There are a lot of seriously confused people out there these days. The ones that will be hurt in the end are the children. Children need a home with a mother, father and stability. Not only do these individuals confuse themselves, they confuse the children they bear. 54 Australian transgendered men have given birth in the last year and a number of Brits, Israelis and Americans followed suit. I don’t even want to ponder the logistics of all this. It turns the birds and the bees into very mixed up subject.

From Breitbart:

54 men have given birth in Australia in the last year alone, according to figures released by Medicare.  A number of people identifying as men have also accessed abortions, the figures revealed. The trend for transsexual men to give birth has been growing ever since the first birth to a  ‘father’, American transsexual Thomas Beatie, in 2007, according to the MailOnline.

Medicare in Australia recently decided to allow people to elect their own gender on documents instead of being forced to identify with the sex they were born. The change has revealed a trend for transgender men to keep their female reproductive organs and give birth. Following Beatie’s lead, men in America soon followed suit, with Beatie himself going on to have two more children in the last seven years.

Now the practice has spread to Australia, where 54 men gave birth in the last year. The majority live in Western Australia, where 22 men gave birth, whilst a further 16 live in New South Wales. Seven men from Victoria, six from Queensland, two in South Australia and one man in Tasmania make up the remainder of cases.

59 percent of the men were aged between 24 and 36, although one man in the 55 – 64 age range also gave birth.

Human biology was designed for a mommy and daddy equation, not a ‘pick your gender’ one. Not only are these peopled confused, their sense of morality and normalcy is whacked. When society sinks to the depravity of condoning widespread homosexuality and the baseness of gender slippage, you have a society that is in its death knell. History is replete with the fall of great societies that allowed their morality to disappear and this is a huge indicator of that. Only this time, the whole world is succumbing to debauchery, a lack of ethics and the destruction of morals.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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