About Swine Flu

This Swine Flu harms younger people far more disproportionately than the regular flu. Go check out the charts at this link [h/t Instapundit] By the time the vaccinations get fully prepared, Swine Flu will have swept the country. People will either be dead or immune.

In the Spring of the year, my kids and I got what looks like the Swine flu–cyclic fevers (fevers that turn on and off sometimes within an hour), respiratory distress, coughing, aches, etc. It hit me so hard that at the end of the first week (I was in bad shape for a week, weeks two and three were spent recovering), I could imagine how someone could die from the flu. It was awful.

The best thing to do for oneself is to stay rested, eat right, and manage stress. One distressing note is how pregnant women are disproportionately affected. This makes me wonder about long-term neurological diseases. Babies whose mothers had the flu in the first trimester are much more likely to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. There has been some evidence that Autism can be triggered in the same way. So, this new flu might have more health implications down the road.

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